F1 Management Group


What can we do for you?

Our capabilities run the gamut of management and technology services. If you’re looking to grow and develop your people, figure out new situations, meet a temporary or long term technology challenge, or just need the outside perspective that comes from years of experience in management and tech, we can help. Our services and our pricing are flexible based on your needs. Above all else, we want to help your organization, and we’ll find a way to make sure you succeed!

Below are just some of the services we can provide. If you need something that isn’t shown, we can probably do that, too!

SOme of Our Technology services

  • Infrastructure management

    • Evaluate and redesign an existing infrastructure

    • Assess needs and build out a new infrastructure

    • Provide technical support short or long term

  • Cloud services

    • Build out Amazon Web Services features

    • Migrate on-premise functions to the cloud

    • Create backup / business continuity solutions

  • Database and Business Intelligence

    • Assess data needs and implement data management solutions

    • Create a reporting infrastructure to facilitate business intelligence

    • Provide short and long term ad hoc database administration services

  • Application support

    • Provide small to large scale application rollout services

    • Plan and implement enterprise-wide ERP rollouts

    • Technical support for applications and systems

A Few of our Management services

  • Management coaching

    • First time manager training and coaching

    • Handling difficult situations

    • Taking management to the next level

    • How to get to know your people and support them

  • Hiring and interviewing

    • Hiring technical people with a culture fit

    • Training interviewers on how to be effective

    • Role playing with feedback

  • Presentation coaching

    • How to create and give great presentations

    • Feedback on presentation

    • Slide preparation

    • Confidence to get up and speak

  • Organizational growth

    • Smartly grow while pressured for intense growth

    • Core values workshops to define & refine them

    • How to really live by core values

  • Mentor / career coach

    • One-off or regularly scheduled meetings to work through challenges

    • Creating road maps for working on skills

    • Having a mentor to be accountable to (a workplace personal trainer)

    • Personalized reading suggestions

  • Vendor management

    • How to select vendors

    • How to build relationships

    • Handling tough situations